Tile Saw Repair & Replacement

Tile Saw Repair & Replacement

Sep 18th 2018

Every tile and stone contractor is humbly aware their tools are the very lifeblood of their business. A breakdown can be costly not only because one must replace or repair the saw, but down can be eve … read more

Quick Guide to Travertine Natural Stone Tile

Jul 26th 2018

The use of travertine stone can be traced back 3200 BC in Egypt, and the material can be found in many of the remnants of ancient Roman structures, including the Colosseum. Originally extracted from s … read more

What grout do I need!?

Jul 5th 2018

Choosing tile and grout colors can be daunting enough task for you remodel. But it doesn’t just stop there, now you must decide, what type of tile suits my needs? What type of grout is best? While t … read more
Stretch The LIfe of Tile Saw Blades

Stretch The LIfe of Tile Saw Blades

May 21st 2018

If you are a tile contractor, you know how important it is for your tile saw and its blades always be in working order. If you are using worn or damaged blades the quality of your cut is significantly … read more

Tile and Stone Style Innovations

May 18th 2018

You would be surprised how fast the world of tile and stone moves. Similar to how we see styles change rapidly in the world of fashion, so do the innovative styles and types of tile and stone.Newer St … read more