Choosing Colors Online

Whether choosing a grout, caulking, or color sealer color, it is important to note that what you see on your screen is not necessarily exact match. Digital screens do not display colors how we see color in the physical sense and therefore cannot be 100% accurate. Each caulk and color sealer manufacturer tries to match the grout manufacturers color charts to ensure an accurate match. Even that is not always fool proof as grout colors themselves can vary from their color chart by environmental factors. And to further complicate things older grout is generally not the same color as when it was first laid. 

The bottom line is, for the most accurate match always try to match to your grout manufacturers color chart. Most of the time color matching is not an issue, but should you have one, we at will always do our best to accommodate our valued customers.

For your convenience, each manufacturers color charts are listed below.

C-Cure Colors

Custom Building Products Colors

Hydroment/Bostik Colors

Laticrete Colors

Mapei Colors

TEC Colors