Schluter® Systems is a world renowned name in the tile and stone industry. TileToolsHQ carries a wide selection of some of the most popular products by Schluter® including Profiles, Shower Systems, Water Proofing and more. If you have any questions regarding Schluter® Systems products or don't see what your looking for on our website please don't hesitate to give us a call! 844-309-2945

Tile Profiles & Corners:

Schluter® Systems tile profiles are some of the most well known in tile industry but what is a profile? Profiles were originally invented to provide protection of the edge of the tiles and for transitions. Of course you still get excellent protection chipping and cracking, and as a tile transition piece the Schluter® profile is also very easy to install! Fast forward and there are many styles to choose from these tile profiles are incorporated into the overall design! From brushed aluminums or stainless steels to nice shiny PVC the color and finish options are nearly endless, and many designers even use the Schluter® profile in the tile field to add unique design flare. See a few of the pictures below from the Schluter® Systems website showing the Schluter® profiles and corners in action. While we carry most profile types in stock, including those hard to find styles, at TileToolsHQ we understand every tile installation job is different so don't hesitate to call us to discuss you job needs. Need those hard to find RONDEC and QUADEC corners, click here

Shower Systems:

Schluter® Systems has everything you need to completely waterproof your tile or stone shower. Because all Schluter® are well designed they work together beautifully saving you time, money, and best of all head ache for your tiling project. Many contractors believe Schluter® sets the industry standard for stone and tile waterproofing, and with decades of experience that is very hard to argue. Make sure your tile shower and tub projects use drains and waterproofing by the best, Schluter®. Oh and by-the-way have you seen the Schluter® profiles? Well their drains are just as beautiful and diverse, so not only will you be getting top quality waterproofing and drainage, but something that looks beautiful with the tile and stone you picked out for your project!


When you need an uncoupling layer, go with the best, go with Schluter’s DITRA. If you haven’t heard the Schluter DITRA is used on some of the biggest jobs to prevent cracking and tile delamination. Tile and stone contractors are well aware of the need to provide and uncoupling layer since they have been using them for thousands of years! So no matter the size of your tile project we can get you the Schluter® DITRA to fit your needs. We understand getting Schluter® DITRA in or DITRA-XL is not always easy, but at TileToolsHQ we can make special ordering what you need a breeze so give us a call at 1-844-309-2945


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