For Grinding, Honing, or Polishing

The right abrasives are necessary to do the job efficiently and get professional results.  At Tile Tools HQ, you can find all the abrasives you need to literally smooth out your day. Whether you want something to power through the job, or the work needs a gentler touch, Tile Tools HQ will have you properly equipped with the right tool for the job.

Quick Corrections

Have you ever had some concrete set perfectly, with the exception of one or two tiny spots? Getting a perfect edge is all but impossible, but your reputation depends on making your customers happy. Since nobody likes the rough patches, the rub bricks available from Tile Tools HQ are perfect for letting you fix small errors that could affect your reputation, without having to go back over the entire surface.

Tools to Maintain Tools

When your cupwheels and router bits get dull, your work suffers for it. Slower cuts, doing cuts over again, and cracking the materials from having to bear down too much are costly occupational hazards, not to mention safety hazards. Fortunately, Tile Tools HQ has a full line of grinding stones perfect for sharpening all of your other tools, as well as replacement blades and bits. This will help you get the job done more quickly and safely while minimizing wasted materials.

Finishing Work

Finishing work can be tricky, but Tile Tools HQ has you covered. From specific shaping to bullnose polishing on stone and tile, and even to leveling out entire surfaces, dry grinding discs and PVA discs are perfect for making everything literally go smoothly. While some clients may want a rougher more matte finish, smoothness increases gloss and is a mark of professionalism that is extremely popular. With the equipment available in Tile Tools HQ's abrasives section, you can be a smooth operator in no time.

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