Grout Color Sealer

color-seal-kit.jpgGrout Color Sealer

Basic application
Lay a small bead of Color Seal along the grout line (roughly the length of your arm span, smaller is better in this case). Ensure the bead is small, more is definitely not better for Color Sealer (the applicator tip will help tremendously for this). Using a long scrubbing motion spread the sealer over the grout line (it is good to work quickly but not sloppy) using an applicator brush. Then wipe away the excess across the grout line with a damp towel or sponge (important its damp and not wet). Keep your work areas manageable. Once you have completed a section or are getting close to an hour, stop and thoroughly DAMP mop the area, twice or more is better than once (remember to thoroughly, very thoroughly, ring the mop out ever time). This is removing excess sealer and haze from the tiles, it is better to go overboard on this one. When you have completed the entire area go back and once more a damp mop and then dry buff it with towels or a floor machine.

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