Special pricing is available to our valued contractors. Signing up and ordering is easy!

When you sign up for you TileToolsHQ account simply provide your EIN number. Once approved you will automatically be added to the contractor discount group which gives you discounted pricing (approval can take up to 24 hours weekdays, any sign ups over the weekend will be approved on Monday).

From there you will see a new category on the left called “Contractor Discount”, only products in this category will be discounted! Monthly specials will not stack so be on the lookout in your email for separate contractor specials.

You must be logged into your account to see and get the contractor pricing (if you don’t see the contractor discount category then your not logged in, or not approved yet.)

If you are currently a TileToolsHQ customer, and a contractor, give us a call with your company info, or if you cannot find your EIN give us a call.

If you have any questions of course give us a call! 1-844-309-2945