Keeping a stone or tile job site clean is crucial. A poorly prepared space will not accept your work as well, and this can cause complications that will slow you down. Besides, a messy work space is a sign of amateur work. Tile Tools HQ is your one stop shop for all the cleaners you need to stay pro all the way through.

Preparing the Job Site

When repairing, sealing or matching the color and texture of tile or grout, you need to make sure you are looking at the surface as it really is. At Tile Tools HQ, there are specialty cleaners that will take off dirt and stains that may have sat there for years. Further, preparing an area for laying tile or stone requires eliminating dirt and grease Tools HQ has cleaners to handle that kind of situation, too. If you need to remove finishes and sealers, we have a large selection of aggressive cleaners and stripping agents.

Keeping Things Clean Throughout

Keeping the job site clean is the hallmark of a real pro. Tile Tools HQ has you covered with highly concentrated everyday cleaners, including formulas that are safe for natural stone. Use everyday cleaners at the job site that you can recommend to your customers in order to keep their tile well-maintained and looking like new.

A Clean Finish

If you have ever left a mortar or grout smear, you know the frustration that this can cause. Fortunately, Tile Tools HQ has cleaners that can make these issues go away in a hurry. Plus, any incidental stains on the grout can be removed with grout erasers instead of harsh chemicals.

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