Hurry and stock up on grout, this is an amazing deal you just won't find anywhere else!

*Disclaimer: This does not include any discontinued grout colors


You can get every kind of grout possible, in what seems to be every color under the sun, at Tile Tools HQ.


For some jobs, you need something quick and convenient that can be applied immediately. Hitting the ground running is your best bet to get in, get done. For this reason, there is a full line of pre-mixed grout available at Tile Tools HQ. Pre-mixed grout is very convenient for the contractor and use friendly for the home owner, but this comes at a slightly higher price than grouts that you need to mix.

Waste Reduction & Profitability

For larger jobs, pre-mixed grout just isn’t practical, sometimes it's not in the budget. Tile Tools HQ offers a broad spectrum of different cementitious grouts that need to be mixed in the field. You have much greater control mixing your own grout and since dry times vary, you can adjust your ratio and build a solid tile to surface connection for optimal curing. For the contractor this reduces your waste, which is great for your bottom line and keeps your pricing competitive. For the home owner mixing your own grout is best for small tile jobs. If you are a home owner and are uncomfortable mixing your own grout or laying your own tile it's best to get your local contractor involved!

Flexible Application

The right grout needs to be used for each purpose. Different materials, different substrates, even different climatic conditions can make using the wrong kind of grout a costly mistake. This can cost you in both wasted materials and  if you are a tile contractor, a damaged reputation. At, Tile Tools HQ we offers a full line of brands, types, and colors of grout to match any situation you may find yourself working in.  And if you have any questions regarding grouting or tiling we are just a phone call away 1-844-309-2945

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