When you want to seal tile, back splashes, tubs, thresholds or anything else, Tile Tools HQ has you covered. No matter the application or the color, you can find the caulk you want here.

Color Matching

Finding the right texture of caulk is great, but this does not help much if you have to try and rig it up or redo an entire area because it does not match the original color. This can turn a small job into a much larger one. Don't improvise with color mixing. At Tile Tools HQ, you can find every caulk color on the market, so you can keep the scope reasonable and please your customers in a timely way.

Sanded Caulk

Often, the texture of sanded caulk is desirable where you need more stability or want to match your grout. You can also save a lot of time going over an area once instead of several times thanks to the thicker texture. When you do not need to use as much caulk and can fill in larger joints, you can save materials and get the work done faster. In applications like handmade ceramic tiles and tumbled marble, sanded caulk is the industry standard.

Unsanded Caulk

Unsanded caulk gives your customers the clean lines they look for. A tight connection between tiles or countertops demands small detail work, and unsanded caulk does the job best. You can find every color of unsanded caulk to fill whatever joins you may need to make at Tile Tools HQ. 

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