Sealers can reduce the maintenance of tile and stone by repelling stain-makers like dirt and grease. Some sealers enhance the look of your surface, while others are all but invisible. You can get all the best sealers at Tile Tools HQ, and make sure your work lasts a long time in a pristine state.

Stain Protection

Dirt, oils and elements outdoors or mold in the bathroom or kitchen can mar otherwise great-looking work. Fortunately, we offer stain-fighting and vapor-permeable sealers to protect natural stone & grout.

Shine, No Shine and Darkening

Sometimes protecting the surface is only one part of the equation, and you want to take it further. While the natural look may be what your customer wants, sometimes they want the tile or stone surface to shine. On still other occasions, they may actually want a darkening effect that adds a deeper luster. Tile Tools HQ supplies a range of aesthetic treatment to offer your customers.

Time-Saving Solutions

Consider pre-sealers, aka grout release, to save yourself time, money and hassle. These products make it easy to remove excess grout after application. We carry powerful penetrating grout releases as well as formulas that are safe for different materials, such as cement tiles and natural stone. 

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