Tile and Stone Style Innovations

May 18th 2018

You would be surprised how fast the world of tile and stone moves. Similar to how we see styles change rapidly in the world of fashion, so do the innovative styles and types of tile and stone.

Newer Styles for the Home

Last year it was indestructible porcelain tile with a faux wood texture for floors. This year, this type of porcelain tile has moved on to new textures while remaining just as durable, but with so many more design possibilities to transform spaces. Today, porcelain tile can be designed to imitate different materials through color and texture. While actual terrazzo would require the use of a concrete mixer and the loud noises and dust from grinding, and more importantly terrazzo require a lot of  care and maintenance, you can use a porcelain tile that is a terrazzo lookalike without the hassle.

For instance, say you want Travertine in your entry hall for a dramatic effect, but are working with a limited budget. There’s even an imitation porcelain stand-in for Travertine that will elevate the look of your floors and/or walls, (and they really look real!). The same goes if you want the look of other types of stone and concrete looks, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance or wear and tear.

New Techniques

New tools and technologies, like waterjet slicing, are making it easier to cut hard stones like granite, marble and quartzite. Customers can select tiles featuring complicated inlays with cerused wood, bronze, brass or nickel, or experiment with unconventional shapes. Tile saws remain more affordable than waterjet cutters, not to mention sufficient for most contractors working with hard natural stone. Depending on your tile supplier, you might start seeing more high-end tile designs.

Here Tile Tools HQ we keep up with the ever changing world of tile and stone, and are always available for questions regarding these innovations. We also have the tools to make your job easier, and the expertise to point you in the right direction if you need help.