Quick Guide to Travertine Natural Stone Tile

Jul 26th 2018

The use of travertine stone can be traced back 3200 BC in Egypt, and the material can be found in many of the remnants of ancient Roman structures, including the Colosseum. Originally extracted from stone in Tivoli, Italy, travertine is now sourced from around the world, including the USA, Spain, China and Hungary. Today, travertine tile is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor tile installations. It's hard to go wrong with something that has withstood millennia, and modern technologies make travertine even more viable.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone that can be found around mineral spring deposits. When sold as a flooring material, it is sold in tile form. While the stone is extremely durable, it is not recommended for all locations including counter tops and showers due to the high maintenance requirements for these areas.

Durability Factor

Travertine can stand up to traffic as well as the outdoor elements. Natural-finished or honed, tiles will resist wear better than polished tiles will. To reduce maintenace using a stone sealer can help prevent staining and discoloring. If you have questions regarding sealers please contact us! 1-844-309-2945

Maintaining a Travertine Floor

Because of travertine‚Äôs porous nature, you will want to use a penetrating sealer, or a topicle surface sealer to help prevent  and/or reduce staining. Your floor should be sealed as part of its installation and then resealed every few years or so depending on the location of installation.

Tile Tool HQ carries all the tools and supplies you will need to install and maintain travertine tile installations. Call us today if you have any questions 1-844-309-2945