Stretch The LIfe of Tile Saw Blades

May 21st 2018

Stretch The LIfe of Tile Saw Blades

If you are a tile contractor, you know how important it is for your tile saw and its blades always be in working order. If you are using worn or damaged blades the quality of your cut is significantly impacted, and the the speed of your cut is drastically reduced. So by following these tips we will help you preserve the quality of your work, help protect the investment you have made in your saw, and of course speed up your work!

Making Your Saw Blades Last

You want to make your saw blades last as long as possible, and making sure they are clean will help accomplish that. Sediment often builds up on the cutting edge of saw blades and interferes with the effectiveness of your saw because it causes the grinding surface to smooth out. When you see sediment building up, unplug your saw and wipe or scrape it away with a scrub brush with plastic bristles. If needed, dish detergent or rubbing alcohol can be used with a scrubbing sponge to remove stubborn sediment. Rinse your blade thoroughly afterwards.

Store your blades in a dry environment to keep them from rusting. Coat your blades with WD-40 or mineral spirits when you are storing them for an extended length of time. If rust does develop, simply soak your blades in WD-40 and scrub with a scrub brush to remove it.

Replacing Time

When it comes time to replace your blades, check out the wide selection of tile saw blades that Tile Tools HQ has to offer. Tile Tools HQ also offers all the parts you need to repair your tile saw, whether you need a new switch, bearings or hose assembly.