Ebbe Black Drain Riser - (E4400)


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  • Replaces round riser portion of the drain
  • Simply remove round riser and replace with E4400
  • If the fit is too loose you can use plumbers tape to use a snug fit
  • The purpose of threaded fit is to allow it to be raised in process of building shower floor.

Square Drain Riser & Plug replaces the round "Riser" or "Inlet" portion of these drains.  In most cases this simply requires the round "Riser" or "inlet" portion of the drain to be removed and replaced by the E4400. If the fit is too loose to create good thread engagement Teflon plumbers tape can be used to build up the E4400 to a larger diameter as needed to create a snug fit.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review