TENAX 2:1 StrongEdge 45 Epoxy Super Gel Kit - 1.5 Quarts - (TESTRONG1.5Q)

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Product Overview

StrongEdge 45, the strongest clear, Knife Grade epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination. Once applied on a counter top, the stone or substrate will not delaminate or break where StrongEdge 45 has been applied! Strong Edge 45 is the clearest flowing epoxy on the market. StrongEdge 45does not shrink, it takes a polish, as well as accepts color to color match the stone if necessary.

With a 2:1 mix ratio and a set time of about 45 minutes at 75 degrees. Tenax StrongEdge 45 maintains the clearest epoxy with an express cure time, without losing its structural integrity.

VOC Compliant.

StrongEdge 45 is truly a knife grade consistency. After mixing the part A and B together, the Strongedge 45 can be used on 45 degree miter and vertical applications without running or dripping off.

StrongEdge 45 is made for granite, marble, all natural stone, Quartz, Engineered, ceramic and porcelain materials.

  • Gel time in bulk at 77º: 15-20 min
  • Tacky free time at 77º: 45-60 min
  • Minimum reaction temperature: 50º
  • Temp range for use after hardening: -13º to 143º
  • Ratio of glue to hardener: 2:1 mix ratio

Safety Data Sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review