TENAX Ager Color Enhancing Stone Sealer - Quart - (TEAGER1L)

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Product Overview

Tenax Ager Tiger Color Enhancer and Sealer for Exotic Stones - 1 quart

EXCELLENT ON EXOTIC STONE. We suggest the application of Tenax Ager Tiger Color Enhancer and Sealer on the edge of resined granites, particularly exotic stones, when it is necessary to match the color between the resin treated top and the untreated edge. It is also suitable for aging marbles, travertines, stones, granites, and agglomerates when the surface is very porous. Tenax Ager Tiger is also a fantastic sealer against oil, graffiti, and household stains.

Tenax Ager Tiger does not yellow against UV in outdoor applications. Tenax Ager Tiger provides an excellent “wet” effect stone enhancement and sealer on more porous and exotic stones. Tenax Ager Tiger is VOC Compliant!

DIRECTIONS: This product must be evenly applied on a clean, dry surface. Spread Tenax Ager Tiger evenly with cloth or sponge until surface no longer absorbs product. Immediately buff with a clean cloth. Any excess of Tenax Ager Tiger creates superficial glossy and sticky films so any excess must be removed immediately after the application. Drying time is approximately 1 hour. On floor applications please wait 24 hours before walking on surface. Water repellent in about 24 hours from application.

1 quart of Tenax Ager Tiger Color Enhancer and Sealer covers 160 - 180 square feet.

IMPORTANT: When using Tenax Ager Tiger Color Enhancer and Sealer for Exotic Stones for the first time we suggest testing on a small hidden area first.

Shelf Life:

This product will last at least 2 years if kept between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity and sunlight


(No reviews yet) Write a Review