Kapro DIGIMAN 24" Magnetic Digital Level with Plumb Site and Carrying Case - (KA985D-24B)


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Product Overview


  • Professional-grade box-style digital and spirit level for determining horizontal and vertical plane as well as incline
  • Digital LCD readout displays level and plumb with an accuracy of 0.1°, and angle of incline with an accuracy of 0.2°
  • Shockproof, solid acrylic vials—one level and one plumb—resist breakage, provide clear readings, and are accurate to 0.0005"/inch (0.5 mm/m) as certified by VPA for precise leveling
  • Digital functions include a mode function for selecting degree, percentage, and pitch, storage and recall of up to nine measurements, and a buzzer at 0°, 45°, and 90° inclinations
  • Aluminum body for light weight and corrosion resistance, and a magnetic base for adhering to metal surfaces

Kapro Professional Digital Levels

There is no need to choose between a great traditional level and a sophisticated full-featured digital level. Kapro blends the time-honored knowledge with advanced technology.

The 985D has two precision milled surfaces with rare-earth magnets which generate an accuracy better than 0.0005"/" at level and plumb and better than 0.001"/" at other angles.

The 45⁰ tilted LCD backlight display inverts when the level is upside-down.

The 985D features a “False Zero” slope measurements for proper water drainage and ADA compliance and a HOLD mode for manually locking measurements in position for verification.

The Rainproof and dust-resistant rugged 985D DIGIMAN offers break proof solid acrylic vials, the Plumb Site Dual-View technology for more accurate and natural plumb vial view, Ergo Grip handles, bi-component shockproof end caps and Large, silicon buttons make it easy to use in wet conditions and while wearing gloves.


The Kapro Digiman 985D series box level combines a professional-grade digital level with an LCD readout and a spirit level with one level and one plumb vial for determining horizontal and vertical plane as well as incline. Digital readings, shown on a backlit LCD, are accurate to 0.1° for level and plumb and 0.2° for angle of incline. The level has shockproof, solid acrylic vials that have a sensitivity of 0.5 mm/m (0.0005"/inch) and are machined from an optical-grade acrylic block to provide clear readings and resist breakage. Sensitivity rating of the vials is Versuchs und Prüfanstalt Remscheid (VPA) certified according to Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS) standards. The level vial and the plumb vial with top-view sight (Dual-View Plumb Site) can be read from the side and the top. Digital functions include a mode function for selecting degree, percentage, and pitch, a hold function that freezes a reading on the display, storage and recall of up to nine measurements, recalibration, and a buzzer at 0°, 45°, and 90° inclinations. The digital readout flips when the level is turned upside down and operates on one 9V battery (sold separately). A low-battery indicator signals when the battery needs to be changed, and the readout turns off after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve battery life. The base of the level is magnetic for adhering to metal surfaces. End caps absorb shock from impacts and an ergonomic, non-slip handle provides portability and ease of use. The level has an aluminum body for light weight and corrosion resistance. The level is available in 24" and 48" lengths. Levels are used in the building trades, engineering, surveying, and metalworking, among other applications.

Levels are instruments that are used to determine the true horizontal or vertical plane of a surface. The most common type of level is the spirit level, or bubble level. Spirit levels have a liquid-filled, bowed tube (also called a vial) with a bubble that moves when slight adjustments are made to the level. When the bubble settles between marked points on the vial, it indicates that a surface is horizontally or vertically straight. Levels can have one or more vials to determine the horizontal plane, the vertical plane, or various points between, such as a 45-degree angle, simultaneously. Some levels include a laser line indicator that projects a horizontal or vertical beam on a surface. Bullseye levels, or surface levels, are circular, flat-bottomed spirit levels that determine whether a surface plane is level. Machinists’ levels are made of metal and have surfaces designed specifically for rugged use in a machine shop or tool room. Levels can range from highly-complex and accurate machines, such as those used in the surveying and construction industry, to precision instruments used in carpentry and other building trades, to simple, pocket-sized devices for do-it-yourself projects.

Kapro manufactures spirit levels, laser levels, layout tools, and measuring tools. The company, founded in Israel in 1974, meets International Organization of Standardization (ISO) standards 9001, 14001, and SA8000.



How to chose a Digital level

Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, you want to choose the right level for your needs, and then get the most out of it. Here are essential things you need to check out before you buy a level:

1. Vials : Vial Accuracy and visibility. The more accurate your vial, the better. Professionals accuracy preference is < 0.0005 in/in (0.5mm/m).

When it comes to visibility , you obviously want your vials anti-fog and UV protected so they don’t fade. For a plumb reading that is both accurate and easily visible the Plumb Site Dual-View is the perfect solution. Kapros professional levels are certified by the rigorous VPA German standard.

2. Durability : The strength of the profile Cast levels and reinforced aluminum profiles are the profiles of choice. Many come with rubber shockproof end caps for additional protection from falls and to best maintain the integrity of the level and the accuracy of its vials.

3. Functionality – Small details in your level can change the way you work. Does the level have a False Zero” slope measurements for proper water drainage and ADA compliance and a HOLD mode for manually locking measurements in position for verification? Does the display invert when the level is upside-down? Is the display backlit and reflection-free?


4. Warranty – When you buy a level from a market leader you should expect them to stand by their product. All of Kapro’s professional levels come with a lifetime warranty for the accuracy of the vials.

5. Magnets – Do you need the level to be magnetic? If you do, make sure that the level you chose is equipped with strong Rare earth magnets for a reliable adherence, preventing unwanted movement while taking a reading.

6. Milled base – A finely milled base provides a guaranteed flat surface necessary for achieving professional accuracy. Only aluminum levels can be manufactured with a milled base.

7. Grip - Are the handles ergonomic and rubberized for a better and more comfortable grip? Do they fit large or gloved hands? Does the level have wall grips for easily holding it against a wall with one hand while marking with the other hand?



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