Kapro Condor 24" Professional Box Level with Optivision Red and Plumb Site Dual-View Vial - (KA905-41-24)


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Product Overview

    • Optivision red horizontal vial creates highly visible red bubble edges, for exact placement between the reading lines and optimal vision in low light
    • Tilted, tri-surface horizontal vial: direct line of sight for easy viewing and superior vial protection
    • Plumb Site Dual-View vial with red Effect for a clear plumb view
    • Reinforced profile with bridge at horizontal vial for increased toughness and marking a straight, unbroken line
    • Finely milled surface


  • Kapro's 905 Condor is the only level on the market to incorporate Optivision: a Kapro invention that creates the effect of strong color definition around the spirit level's horizontal bubble, in stark contrast to the white vial background and clear liquid. The color contrast makes the bubble edges significantly easier to see, for fast and accurate placement between the vial's reading lines. Highly visible red bubble edge, Fast placement between reading lines, Easy viewing with tilted vial, Precise leveling results. The Condor level features Kapro's Plumb Site Dual-View vial with red Effect which makes the plumb vial even easier to see. Oversized rubber end caps protect this reinforced box profile from knocks and falls, and the Ergonomic handle offers extra comfort for large hands. A bridge at the horizontal vial adds durability, and allows the user to draw an uninterrupted line. Ergonomic rubber handle. Oversized shock-absorbing rubber end caps. Accuracy: 0. 0005 inch per inch (0. 5mm per meters). Bridge at horizontal vial for increased toughness and a continuous marking surface. Plumb Site Dual-View vial: unique front view of the vertical vial. Accuracy: solid acrylic vials are individually calibrated. UV Resistant: better withstand the fading effects of sunlight. Solid acrylic shockproof vials: superior accuracy, readability and longevity. Air-cushioned shockproof end caps: polypropylene and TPR end caps with PVC shock absorbers. VPA: the accuracy of Kapro levels is verified by the German VPA laboratory. Lifetime vial : solid acrylic vials are not to fog, leak or break. Patented. Measures 24-inches length by 2-19/32-inches height


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review