Lustro Italiano Natural Stone Countertop Cleaner - 32oz

Lustro Italiano

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Can be used as a daily cleaner on all natural and quartz stone surfaces and works well on ceramic, porcelain, as well as stainless steel. Stone Cleaner will remove all fingerprints, film, streaks, etc off of the surface.

Our stone cleaner will NOT harm the surface or break down the sealer that is already in your stone. It contains zero harsh detergents that can strip away stones natural polish. Unlike some other household solvents, this cleaner will not shorten the life of stone sealants that are vital to the beauty of your granite, marble or other hard surfaces. Our cleaner comes packaged in a 32 oz. bottle with attachable sprayer for ease and convenience and can be used as an everyday countertop cleaner. Specifically designed to safely clean stone countertops, vanities and other surfaces, it has a very light scent and is non-abrasive.


  • 32 oz Spray Bottle
  • Daily Cleaner
  • Streak Free
  • Removes all Film from Stone


(No reviews yet) Write a Review