Modern Stone Modern Home Collection - Wood Klenz Hardwood Floor Cleaner - 24oz

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Modern Home's Wood Klenz wood floor cleaner is a safe but effective cleanser for acrylic/urethane finish wood, laminate and vinyl floors. This innovative cleaner easily removes dirt, grime and dust from your floor's surface and restores its appearance without leaving any sticky residue or streaks. Wood Klenz dries quickly after mopping. No rinsing is required. Great for furniture and cabinets as well.

Directions For Use:
Vacuum floor thoroughly prior to cleaning. Spray Wood Klenz 6 to 8 inches from floor surface. Work in approximately 5' by 5' areas at a time. Spread Wood Klenz evenly over the floor with a microfiber pad or cotton mop, wiping up dust and dirt as you go. Allow cleaner to dwell for several minutes when tougher soiling is present. Once cleaned, wash microfiber pad or mop for re-use. Not for use on oil finished floors. Always test in an inconspicuous area to determine effectiveness prior to use. Do not dilute.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review