Tile Cutting Tools for Every Job

Aug 23rd 2017

Tile Cutting Tools for Every Job

If you’re going to do a job right, you need to make sure you have the right tools. When it comes to cutting tile, there is no one-size fits all tool solution. And if you attempt to cut tile with the wrong type of tool, you might have an expensive mess on your hands.

Here are some recommendations for choosing the right tool for the right job:

Table-Top Wet Tile Saw

A table-top wet tile saw is one of the most versatile tile cutting tools that you should have if you are going to be cutting a lot of tile. This saw uses a carbon blade specifically for cutting tile, while a continuous stream of water keeps the tiles wet as you cut them. If you want hassle-free, straight and perfect cuts, a wet tile saw is what you need.

Snap Tile Cutter

If you only need to cut a few tiles and the cut edge will be hidden, you could use a snap tile cutter. This type of cutter works similar to a glass cutter by using carbide wheels to score the surface of the tile. Once the tile is scored, you press the handle and the tile snaps. The tile won’t have a smooth edge like a tile cut by a wet saw, but if the edge will be covered by a baseboard or cabinet, this wouldn’t be a concern.

Tile Nipper

Wouldn’t it be great if all tiling jobs were always straight cuts? Not very likely. That’s why you need a tile nipper to bite off small pieces of a tile when you need to cut a curve or fit it into a not-so-square corner.

Choosing the right tool for the job will make your work easier and give you better results. Browse our complete inventory of tile saws, tile nippers, diamond blades, and other tile cutting tools.