Diamond Blades & Bits

Diamond tools are crucial for efficiently cutting stone & tile, particularly harder materials like granite. At Tile Tools HQ, the name says it all: tools that will help you easily work with tile, stone, concrete, brick and other rigid materials that present challenges.

The Flexibility to Push Through

Flexible hotdog blades allow for enough flexion to work with granite, porcelain and other highly rigid materials. The blade flexes a miniscule amount while still retaining a straight cutting edge and maintaining its strength. Tile Tools HQ has a variety of blades flexible enough to work with anything you need cut.

Finishing When You Start

A good profile is essential to clean work and avoiding wasted materials. When you need contours, Tile Tools HQ offers profiling wheels that can make marble and granite polished and professional looking from the beginning. This can save you a step later on, and add that flourish that your customers will love. Diamond blades and wheels are also available that can make short work of producing clean, smooth edges that show off the material's natural beauty while ensuring safety. Other items that can help with the finishing aspect are water rings that help hole saws do their work with a minimum of dust kicked up, which reduces your clean-up time.

Production That Keeps on Going

Sometimes you have to go into heavy production, particularly with larger commercial jobs. Tile Tools HQ has excellent solutions, including continuous blades that are reinforced in the rims and built to keep their edge consistently over numerous cuts. You are not going to replace the blade in the middle of a job, so putting the best blade possible on your saw is a must.

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