TORQ Saw Rotation Switch (Centrifugal Mechanisms) for Baldor Motors - (C-2060)


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Product Overview

Saw Rotation Switch (Centrifugal Mechanisms) for Baldor Motors39768

Centrifugal switch controls the start winding in single-phase electric motors.
A centrifugal switch consists of two parts:
(1) a centrifugal mechanism which rotates on the motor shaft and interacts with
(2) a fixed stationary switch with electrical contacts which control the start-winding circuit.

Motor Manufacturer        BALDOR
Manufacturer Part Number    RS9001A01
Frequency            60 Hz
Backplate Bore            0.806 in
Backplate Bore Code        I
Poles                4
Spool Outer Diameter        2.25 in
Backplate Outer Diameter    2.61 in
Running Clearance View        0.06 in
Spool Inner Diameter        1.13 in

Important Note     
50/60 Hz.
This should be used only with Torq S-7087 and NOT with a Baldor SP5005 type stationary.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review