Quikrete Zip & Mix - FastSet™ Repair Mortar - 3 lbs - (No. 1241-15)


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Product Overview

        Multipurpose polymer-modified, rapid setting, high strength repair material. Use to repair concrete cracks, curbs, steps, pre-stressed panels, pipe, tunnels, sewers, loading docks, silos, retaining walls, culverts, catch basins, decorative moldings, bridge columns, parapet walls, septic tanks, cold storage vaults - virtually any vertical or overhead concrete surface. Mix with water in bag provided. Knead bag until thoroughly mixed and apply. Trowel tool included. Build up to 2" in thickness in 1 application. After initial set, the material may be trimmed and shaped to match the contours of the existing patch area. 3 lb. bag - yields approximately 0.03 cu. ft. of material.
        Part 1241-15



(No reviews yet) Write a Review