Krack Kontrol Crack Isolation Membrane (1 x 25 Roll)

Krack Kontrol

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Product Overview

Krack Kontrol -  Crack Isolation / Anti-Fracture Peel & Stick Membrane (1 x 25 Roll)

A better crack control system. No VOC, California friendly, easy to install, competitively priced! Krack Kontrol crack isolation / anti-fracture membrane made and sold exclusively by TileToolsHQ!

Krack Kontrol is a light weight environmentally friendly Anti- Fracture flooring underlayment. Meeting industry standards or exceeding them.

Monterrey use the latest materials available to make sure they are sound for the environment and health free to the installers. The VOCs in Krack Kontrol  PSA adhesive's are basically zero. When tested they were less than 0.001lbs pounds of VOCs per pound of hot melt adhesive's. The VOCs are regulated by the EPA under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.

  • Compliant Anti Fungal / Bacterial Growth Resistance products offering non wicking properties.
  • Light weight and the 4 mil HDPE release sheet it tears evenly making this easy and consistent to use in the field.
  • A clean dry surface is all that's needed for installation
  • There is no required primer or surface profiling needed.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review