Harvey's Green Wax Ring - With Bolts


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Product Overview

Harvey's Wax Rings-No need to use 2 wax rings

Bol-Wax® No. 10 Extra Thick Standard Wax Gaskets 
For problem areas that need extra thick wax.  Saves using two wax rings, 40% more wax, faster installation.  More positive seal.  Eliminates call backs.  Ready to use at 70 degrees temperature.  Extra thick wax for sealing toilet bowls when floor flange is too low or below floor surface.  Provides positive bowl aligment.  Eliminates capillary action.  Fits 3 & 4 waster lines.  Will not harden or deteriorate.  Forms gas-tight, odor-tight and water-tight seal.  (does not come with bolts)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review