RUBI Tools EASYGRES 1-3/4" (43mm) Diamond Drill Bit - (05965)


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Product Overview

1-3/4" (43 mm) EASYGRES Diamond drill bit (Wet Cutting)

For drilling of all types of ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles, and other wall materials such as marble and granite, RUBI has the EASYGRES diamond drill bit range.

The EASYGRES range are electroplated diamond drill bits for wet cutting, suitable for use with a non-percussive power drill.

The quality of the diamond used in the design and manufacture of EASYGRES drill bits allows drilling of stoneware, porcelain tiles, granite, marble and glass.

EASYGRES drill bits, diameters of 15/64 - 1/2 in., are perfect for installing bathroom accessories or any type of decoration extra on ceramic surfaces and must always be used water-cooled and with the EASYGRES guide, which allows centring and proper cooling, ensuring high accuracy and the best finishes.

Other diameters in the EASYGRES diamond bit range from 3/4–4-3/4 in., they are mainly designed for the ceramic tile installer to get the best results when performing the necessary drilling for water tapping points, sewers, electrical connections, etc.

The average life of the EASYGRES drill bits varies according to the diameter In 15/64 - ½ in. EASYGRES the average life is 10 holes and in 3/4 –4-3/4 in EASYGRES the average life is 25 holes. The average life of the drill bits ALWAYS depends on the type of material, its thickness and proper cooling and use.

The drilling depth of EASYGRES drill bits is 1 in.

The EASYGRES drill bits have a lateral opening which improves the cooling of the drill bit and facilitates the removal of solid residues after each drilling. Before further drilling you must ensure that the drill bit is clean and free of any obstruction.

The recommended speed for use of EASYGRES drill bits is between 400 and 1000 rpm depending on the material being drilled.

For a better finish and longer drill bit life, it is important to respect the proper rotation speed and exert moderate pressure during drilling.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review