Pearl Abrasive 7" Vacu-Guard for Makita GA 7911 700IL & Dewalt Dust Shroud VACGR01


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Product Overview

 Our top-of-the-line dust containment system for 4-1/2 and 7" angle grinders.  Available with tungsten carbide wear pads for longer life!  Durable and effective dust containment system.  For grinding only. Adapts easily to a variety of angle grinders.  


  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Casting - Lightweight, long lasting and durable.
  • Flexible Diaphragm (Replaceable parts) - Allows the operator to adjust the grinder angle without sacrificing dust containment efficiency.
  • Auminum Hub Adapters (Replaceable parts) - Able to adapt to a variety of angle grinders.
  • Available with tungsten Carbide Wear Pads. (Replaceable parts) - Protects the Delrin slide from excessive wear, thus increasing life.
  • Special Delrin Sliding Strip (Replaceable parts) - Allows Vacu-Guard„ to slide easily over a variety of surfaces.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review