Orcon Hammer Hatchet


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Product Overview

Orcon Hammer Hatchet


  • Hatchet blade on one side, hammer head on the other.
  • Perfect for cutting all types of wood tackstrip.
  • Rounded blade edge for tucking ability!
  • 32-ounce head on hickory handle. Part # 13264


A Tradition of Quality and Innovation

Utilizing technologies derived from the aerospace industry, ORCON® invented the hot melt carpet seam tape in the early 1970’s, creating a new category of products that continues to define the flooring market today. Through the rest of the century, the company continued to build out a full line of high quality hot melt carpet seam tapes to meet the needs of all carpeting installations. ORCON® also began working with professional flooring installers to patent and market innovative carpeting installation tools to help speed up and improve the carpet installation process. Today, the ORCON® brand is the #1 most recognized brand of hot melt carpet seam tapes and tools, and the brand that installation professionals turn to, to ensure a quality product that will last for years.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review