Custom Building Products T1-60 Economical Tile Adhesive - 3.5 Gallons

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Product Overview

T1-60 Mastic  3.5 Gallon

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Key Features

  • High tack, quick grab
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Fast drying

Suitable Tile Types

Vitreous, semi-vitreous or non-vitreous tile: ceramic and impervious porcelain

Suitable Substrates

  • Concrete, mortar beds, masonry, Portland cement plaster
  • Cement backerboards
  • Exterior Grade Plywood (EGP) - interior residential and light commercial dry areas
  • Gypsum wallboard (interior dry areas)
  • Existing ceramic tile
  • Fully-bonded sheet vinyl flooring
  • Plastic laminates
  • Cutback adhesive (see preparation instructions)

Composition & Materials

Proprietary blend of acrylic copolymers, calcium carbonate and inorganic materials.


  • Maximum floor tile size: 8"x8"
  • Do not bond directly to hardwood, Luan plywood, particle board, parquet, cushion or sponge-back vinyl flooring, metal, fiberglass, plastic or OSB panels.
  • When setting moisture sensitive natural stone, cement or agglomerate tile, check with Custom Technical Services; use EBM-Lite™ Epoxy Bonding Mortar 100% Solids or CEG-Lite™ 100% Solids Commercial Epoxy Grout.
  • Not recommended for installing tile larger than 6"x6" over waterproofing membranes.
  • Do not use to install resin-backed marble of stone; use EBM-Lite™ Epoxy Bonding Mortar 100% Solids or CEG-Lite™ 100% Solids Commercial Epoxy Grout.
  • Recommended for interior use only. Do not use for steam rooms, shower floors or underwater. For those installations, use CUSTOM® Polymer-Modified Mortar Systems.
  • Not for use over radiant heat systems.
  • Installation dry time varies depending on tile size and density, substrate porosity and ambient conditions.
  • Do not use to install fixtures, ungauged natural stone, gauged stone thicker than 3/8" (9.5 mm), transparent glass tile, Saltillo pavers or lug back tile on floors.


3.5 gal (13.25 L) pail



(No reviews yet) Write a Review