Custom Building Products Stain Blocker Grout Sealer - 32oz

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Product Overview

Get this premiere grout sealer used by thousands of tile contractors. Protect your grout before it ever gets installed!

Customs StainBlocker

StainBlocker for Grout is a sealing and performance enhancing additive to be used when mixing grout and water. Unlike traditional sealers, which are applied to grout after it has dried for 2-3 days, StainBlocker for Grout is added directly to the grout mix during installation, to immediately repel dirt and make cleanup easier after the grout is dry. StainBlocker for Grout will not affect grout color.


Key Features

  • Protects grout from staining
  • Use with water when mixing grout
  • Makes grout stronger


  • Use as a grout additive with any cement-based grout
  • Easy to use-just add when mixing grout and water
  • Grout Types: Use with all cement-based grouts
  • Can use with both sanded and no-sanded grouts
  • For optimal performanc us Polyblend Grouts


  • Seals and enhances performance of the grout
  • Added directly to the grout mix during installation
  • Immediately repels dirt and makes clean-up easier after the grout is dry
  • Will not affect grout color


(No reviews yet) Write a Review