Better Tools Gorilla Guard Boot Wear Protector - Set of 2

Better Tools

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Product Overview

Gorilla Guard Boot Wear Protectors

  • Protects the toes of your work boots from excessive wear due to constant kneeling.
  • Toe cover shoe repair.
  • Non-marking flexible rubber guard.
  • Save money by extending the life of your work boots!
  • Adheres to the toe of the boot to prevent excessive wear.
  • One pair per package.
  • Includes sandpaper and glue for prep.
  • One-size fits all.
  • Available in 3 colors Black, Brown & Tan

If you want to protect your expensive boots, the Gorilla Guard Boot Wear Protector Brown is the product for you. Simply glue the Gorilla Guard onto the tip of your shoes for maximum protection that prevents your boots from wearing out prematurely.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review