Diamond blades are a must have for any tile or stone professional.

Continuous diamond blades are the bread and butter of any tile setter. Typically they are used in wet application such as a tile saw with water, this keeps the blade cool and eliminates dust, while they can be used dry in a pinch it’s not recommended since the blade will diminish quickly. But the most important reason to use a continuous blade is it gives the most accurate clean cut which is especially important for installing ceramic and porcelain tile as well as marble, travertines, and even glass. J-Slot blades are a variation of the continuous blade, the idea being the slots give added cooling effect which in turn gives added life to the diamond blade, and possibly helping speed up the cuts.

Turbo diamond blades are designed to cut faster than a continuous diamond blade. Contractors use the turbo style blade for a wide variety of installation and removal jobs. They can be used both wet & dry, cut fairly quickly, and having the most broad range of material including the granites & marbles also adding medium to hard concretes to granites or even brick pavers. What they lack in accuracy compared to continuous they make up for in speed and versatility.

Segmented diamond blades are the quick and dirty blades. Designed for quick cutting action they are a brick and paver settings best friend. They also excel at cutting concrete and other such substrates with ease.

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