Slayer 5" Silicon Carbide Stone Cup - 120 grit - (SC5120)

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Product Overview

Slayer Silicon Carbide Stone Cup (5" - 120 grit)

Grinding Stone, great for Shaping Stone

These silicon carbide stones are the right tool to take out the scratches from your router bits and diamond cupwheels. This is the perfect prep tool to transition from your diamond shaping tool to your polishing pads. They quickly remove scratches and leave your stone polish ready!
These 2" deep stone cups are available in various grits and sizes and are equipped with a 5/8" x 11 threaded arbor to fit any grinder. These easily redressable cups are the top quality abrasive stone cups our granite shops love!
Slayer 5" x 2" x 120 grit Silicon Carbide abrasive grinding stones are perfect for grinding granite, grinding marble or other natural stone. These high quality abrasive stone cups feature an aggressive removal rate with excellent balance and they meet all safety codes.
Slayer - for Killer Performance!
    Silicon carbide for grinding stone
    5/8"-11 arbor, Fits all grinders
    Long life
    Cleaner finishes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review