What Customers Look For in Contractors

Jun 7th 2017

At Tile Tools, we value contractors. Whether you're just starting out or have an established client base, there's more to success than doing quality work. Here are some factors potential clients consider:

Transparent Prices

You can't put a price tag on custom work. Materials, labor, size, deadlines and other considerations all go into a quote. When you're in the construction business, this seems obvious, but if you work with homeowners and small business owners, you'll want to spell out how you arrive at pricing. Do it in writing and show where you applied discounts.

Online Presence

A lot of customers are going to do an online search for "flooring near me" or "best flooring contractors." You need to have a website that works on mobile devices, one with clear calls to action and ways for customers to get in touch with someone immediately. In the old phonebook days, you'd name your business with the letter "A" to be the first on the list. Now, a lot goes into being first on a search engine results page. Invest in a good website and ask customers for online reviews, for starters.

Quality Service

Quality work protected by guarantees goes a long way in building trust. Additionally, customers look for prompt responses to inquiries and the ability to work with strict deadlines. Professional appearance and a clean job site bolster your reputation.


Customers who need to be at home when you arrive don't want to wait all day. Make sure you balance your workload and budget time for unexpected issues at each job. Keep in touch with clients and be realistic about timing. Whatever it takes to organize and manage a fluctuating volume of multiple projects, the less drama the customer sees, the better.

How do you stand out as a contractor? Whatever your specialty, Tile Tools HQ supplies everything you need to get the job done. The rest is up to you.