Tips for Installing Mosaic Tiles

Sep 6th 2017

Tips for Installing Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile can be used to create an interesting, intricate look for walls or flooring, with mosaic backsplashes being a perennial favorite. Installing mosaics in sheets can save you time, while installing small individual tiles is time-consuming, especially if you are covering a large area with the tile.

The Easy Way: Tile Sheets

Mosaic tile sheets feature designs using tiles that are already attached to a backing. Using tile sheets is the easiest way to achieve a mosaic look with your tiling project:

  • Practice spacing the sheets so that the space between them is the same as between the tiles.
  • If you are working with a pattern, familiarize yourself with laying the sheet in the right order.
  • Trim the sheet’s paper or mesh to fit where you’ll be installing them. Remember to measure twice, cut once!
  • Stack your sheets in the order you will be installing them.
  • Apply thinset to the area where you’ll be laying the mosaic sheets, make sure to smooth out the grooves.
  • Press the tile sheets into the mortar, smooth them by hand, lay a piece of wood on top and tap with a rubber mallet to set the tiles into the mortar.
  • Allow the mortar to dry for 24 hours before applying grout.

The Hard Way: Individual Tiles

Doing a mosaic from scratch can be very time consuming, but it gives you the opportunity to create your own design. You’ll need to pay attention to detail by:

  • Creating multiple grid lines to line each individual tile up with neighboring tiles.
  • Using spacers to set the tiles at a uniform distance apart.
  • Working with small sections at a time, so you can lay the tiles before the adhesive dries.

No matter the method you choose for installing mosaic tile, you can create an interesting effect with this type of tile.