The Art of Choosing Grout Color

Feb 27th 2018

So you've spent a lot of time deciding what type of tile you want to use for your tiling project. You have settled on material, color, texture and size, but you aren’t done yet with the decisions. Now you need to choose a grout color. The right grout color will instantly make your design pop and completely transform the appearance of your home. So, the question is, how do you choose a grout color?

Narrow Down the Options

The easiest way to choose a grout color is to choose from three options. Do you want the grout color to match, complement or contrast your tile color? While sticking to a white grout with white subway tile might seem boring, it offers a classic and timeless look that won’t go out of style (Don't worry there are inexpensive ways to keep your white grout pristine such as using Modern Stone's Color Sealer). A coordinating grout color will make the space feel larger, such as a tan grout color that goes with the brown, tan, and beige tile. However, be aware that a natural beige or charcoal gray with white tile coordinates, since the colors are more contrasting it will make the space seem busier. If you are doing a mosaic, the effect of a darker colored grout will be amplified because of all the grout lines. If you want to go for an even bolder look, there are epoxy grouts available that glow in the dark or even glitter.

Cleaning Considerations

Keep in mind that if you choose a light-colored grout, you are going to have to clean it more often than you would with a darker grout. Since grout is the low point dirt will settle there, so be be sure to seal it with a color sealer or use a grout that impervious to staining. Also remember that after grouting sometimes efflorescence occurs, especially in darker grout (not that it happens more, it just tends to be more noticable), again color sealer is an easy inexpensive fix for efflorescence issues.

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