Talavera Tile Design Ideas

Aug 10th 2017

Hand painted Mexican Talavera tile can bring a unique and lively look to your next indoor design project. This versatile tile offers a rustic southwest/Spanish appeal that delightfully complements and provides an interesting visual accent to almost any area of a home.

In the Kitchen

Talavera tile that features a painted design can be used to create an entire backsplash, or be used as an accent strip with solid/washed colored Talavera tiles. It can also create a rustic look by using it to tile countertops and/or island counter space.

In the Bathroom

Talavera tiles can be used in the bathroom with other rustic-style tiles to cover walls, act as a sink or toilet backsplash or to cover a vanity. Mixing Talavera with white subway tiled walls can liven up the walls with an artistic contrast.

Throughout the Home

For areas such as archways or staircases, installing Talavera tiles can add a punch of unexpected color. These tiles can be used to take boring stair risers to a new artistic level and look great against wood tones. Using Talavera tile to line an archway can also make an interesting transition between rooms.

Tile Tools HQ carries Talavera tile in a variety of designs and solid/washed colors that will make your next indoor project really stand out.