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May 11th 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

Working without adequate knee protection could accelerate joint deterioration. By taking simple safety precautions, you can work harder for longer and still enjoy doing the things you love when you get home! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PROTECTING YOUR KNEES Knees don't grow back: you use them, you lose them. Tile, stone, and flooring professionals know this all too well. TileToolsHQ offers a wide range of knee pads to complement your project type and personal preference. Solid Barwalt no-skid knee pads provide the ultimate protection for your knees and your work surface at the same time. Professional Ultraflex gel pads allow great range of motion and TroxellUSA Super Soft knee pads fit comfortably. Racatac Rolling Knee Pads help you work smarter, not harder over large areas. We have plenty of replacement straps and pads, too. Check out our selection today!

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Floor restoration specialists need a variety of pads for their floor machines, most commonly the 17" pad. Here at TileToolsHQ we have you covered from light buffing or polishing to heavy-duty coating, stripping and removal, and restoration. Hog's hair pads are your best friend if you're restoring stone, and Modern Stone's range of Evolution Pads make honing and polishing your natural stone project a breeze. 10% Discount applied at checkout.

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If it's carpet tape and it's in a box, we've priced it low to sell fast. We don't want it! Nothing personal, we just change our stock every now and then, so if you want it, now is the time to stock up while supplies last. Priced to sell! Get yours before it sells out!

*Orcon Steam TAPE IN A BOX is a strong and flexible high performative tape that is guaranteed to accommodate to even the toughest carpet installation.

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