Modern Stone Product Spotlight

Nov 14th 2017

Modern Stone is known for their commitment to being on the front lines when it comes to developing sealing, cleaning and stripper solutions for maintaining natural stone, tile and grout. Here are some of their latest innovative solutions.

Barrier EXT

Barrier EXT solves the common problem of moisture becoming trapped under sealers that are applied to the surfaces of outdoor stone and masonry. This chemically resistant sealer bonds to surfaces to create a hard layer of protection that repels dirt and resists stains. But its most impressive quality is that it allows water vapor from the substrate to pass through its hard coating. Spalling within the stone and delamination of the topical layer is prevented.

Modern Clean

Modern Clean is a versatile cleaner suitable for multiple surfaces, including tile, stone, grout and concrete. This cleaner can be used to deeply clean all surfaces without the risk of damaging sensitive natural stone material. It can also be used to strip oversealed floors. Modern Clean is a very popular product among tile and stone professionals throughout the industry.


You can bring porcelain and ceramic tile and its grout back to life with Revive. It’s much safer to use than acid cleaners are. Revive will not damage chrome, brass or stainless steel fixtures if it is accidentally splashed on them. Simply rinse of Revive and resume your cleaning.

Check out the full line of Modern Stone Technologies’ innovative products that can help make your job easier and provide superior results that will impress your customers.