Meanwhile, in Spain: Cersaie 2017

Oct 24th 2017

Spain has long been known for its hand-crafted tile and beautiful artisanship with tile designs. The country has remained the top exporter of ceramic tiles throughout Europe and the number two exporter across the globe. And for good reason, Spain ceramic tiles are a result of centuries of experience, knowledge and tradition. Here are some of the latest trends presented at Cersaie 2017.

  • Classic Elegance. A classic never goes out of style. Tiles reminiscent of the 17th century are trending in colors of blue, green and rose with the look of natural motifs.
  • Handmade Inspiration. Making tile by hand allows for unique pieces where no two pieces are alike thanks to grated surfaces, chipped enamels and distressed looks. This gives your tile design a taste of yesteryear.
  • Inspired by Nature. Combining ceramics with nature-inspired materials provides an artistic, but natural appeal. This can be accomplished by incorporating natural wood into your tile installations.
  • Simple Paired with Ornate. Pairing simple tile with ornate tile can create a harmonious asymmetry. This style is popular for minimalistic spaces.
  • Added Dimension. Three-dimensional wall tile can create an attention-grabbing design. This new trend works for minimalist spaces and can turn a wall into a work of art by blending color.
  • Bright Iridescence. Brightly-colored small mosaic pieces are reminiscent of 1990’s metallic hues. Now reinvented for today’s designs, these tiles brighten your spaces, while their small size creates a feel of coziness and splendor.

If you are seeking inspiration for your next tile project, these trends can help fuel your creative juices. And when you need tools and supplies, Tile Tools HQ has everything you need to make your project a success.