IKEA Fans Love Scandinavian Bathrooms

Nov 27th 2017

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon winding your way through an IKEA, it’s likely that you can appreciate the simplicity of Scandinavian style in the home. Even if you have never been inside an actual Scandinavian home, you will pretty much understand how this style focuses on not just on comfort, but functionality, too. The three pillars of Scandinavian design are simplicity, utility and beauty. It’s not hard to imagine integrating qualities of this design into your home. In terms of remodeling your bathroom, the minimalist Scandinavian style is easy to accomplish.

A Bright Clean Look

The Scandinavian people incorporate lots of light into their homes to combat the long dark and cold winters. It’s no wonder why rooms having this design are bright spaces. Because most bathrooms are limited to the amount of light coming in and usually have limited space, having a Scandinavian design provides light and makes the best use out of the space you have. Incorporate the smooth lines and clutter-less appeal that the design is known for and your bathroom can become a work of art.

Scandinavian Style Color Scheme

When you think Scandinavian, your first impulse might be that you really don’t want an all-white bathroom. And the good news is that you aren’t tied to white, black or neutrals like gray. Natural wood tones are also applicable to this style. Or you could choose to incorporate pops of color in your tile work. Scandinavian style doesn't mean grayscale, but it usually embraces the idea that "less is more."

So, whether you’re ready to update your bathroom to a smooth and modern Scandinavian design, or prefer a more colorful Southwestern scheme, Tile Tools HQ has everything you need, including tiles in tons of colors that will make your new design stand out.