Grout for Glass Tiles

Posted by TileToolHQ Team on Mar 21st 2018

Grout for Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are often used in tile installations because of their dramatic appearance. However, there are also several advantages to using glass tiles.They are easy to maintain and clean, come in a wide variety of styles from modern to classic, and can be used in large wall or floor installations to simple accent pieces.

Using Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA Grout

Using Ultracolor Plus FA grouts has become more popular with glass tiles instead of traditional grouts because of their special qualities. Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA resist discoloration, mold, and is resistant to breaking down, just like glass itself. However, the most important aspect is the Fine Aggregate beads that won't scratch the glass, and the high polymer content to help prevent permanent staining. It's a great product for mosiac tiling! Ultracolor Plus FA comes in a variety of colors that will enhance the appearance of your tile installation.

When grouting glass tiles, you will want to wait at least 24 hours after the tiles have been affixed to the surface. Make sure the tiles are clean, dry and free of any residue before grouting. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and applying the Ultracolor Plus FA grout.

You will not need to seal glass tiles. In fact, it's not recommended because doing so will cause a hazy appearance. You do not need to seal the grout if using Ultracolor Plus FA, but If you choose to seal the grout, ensure you wipe all excess off of your tiles.

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