Grout EZE vs Aldon Maintain

Posted by TileToolHQ Team on Apr 16th 2018

Grout EZE has long been a favorite for pre-sealing tiles before grouting to make the job easier and prevent cement stains. It's gained a reputation for its excellent performance as a releasing agent for clay tiles, including Saltillo, and works well for most grouting applications. While Grout EZE is a great product, if you are looking for a neutral PH cleaner we at TileToolsHQ recommend Aldon – Maintain.


What’s So Great about Aldon Maintain?

Aldon – Maintain is an easy to use, versatile cleaner that is suitable for all types of flooring including wood, laminate and vinyl, in addition to tile, brick and natural stone. It can be used on sealed, unsealed or glazed tile.

Maintain does not need to be rinsed away after grouting. While it is intended to be mixed with water, you do not need to worry about Maintain harming sealed surfaces if it splashes onto the floor surface at full strength. It also has a mild scent that won’t make it uncomfortable to use.

Aldon Maintain will not leave streaks on the tile like other cleaners, including vinegar, do. Its neutral pH formula is stronger than cleaners you can buy at the supermarket and is part of Aldon’s easy floor care program. Using Maintain can also cut down on the need to frequently clean your tile and natural stone floors, as it repels dust and dirt.

So if your looking for a cleaner take a look at Aldon – Maintain.