Creative Back to School Tile Ideas

Sep 7th 2017

School is back in session, and soon the endless stream of fundraisers will begin. But how about doing something different this year? How about a fundraising or beautification project that your community or school group can get involved with? Creating a tiled mural wall or sprucing up garden, playground, or hallway with decorative tiled touches can be a great way to get everyone involved in a group project.

Coming up with an Idea

If your group needs ideas, Pinterest is always a great place to look for inspiration. Most ideas stem either from setting a theme or running a contest where students submit drawings. 

To come up with themes, make an interdisciplinary effort by having students create tiles about books that they read, or units in science class. On the other hand, simply creating a wall of student self-portraits or signed hand prints is a great way to create a legacy for students who are moving up to the next level of their education.

Fundraising With Tiles

Families can participate in a tile mural project by purchasing a tile or tiles to be used in the mural. Often, schools will honor the memory of a teacher or administrator by creating a garden or shaded outdoor sitting area. Tiles can be used to decorate benches or nearby walls for added impact.

Tiles come in all colors, shapes and sizes, so the possibilities for design ideas for your project are endless. Because most tile is extremely durable, it can be used both indoors or outdoors. So next time you need a community project for your school, consider a tile mural. Ready to pick up tools and supplies? We've got you covered.