Hot Melt Construction Adhesive 18 sticks Flex 40

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Product Overview

10" FLEX-40 Adhesive (18/Pkg.) freeship.png



FLEX is ideal for the floor installer looking for an adhesive system that provides strength, versatility and speed. It combines the strength of construction adhesive with the speed and flexibility of hot melt. FLEX works in a variety of applications and the unique technology creates a strong bond that locks together in seconds. Once pressure is applied, the materials are firmly held together. FLEX expands and contracts over time without becoming brittle or losing strength.

The features of the No. FLEX-40 include: 
• For tack strips to concrete and more (glass, tile, plastic, vinyl, cove base, tile repair) 
• 40 seconds open time (working time) 
• Cures to full strength in 5 minutes and can then be power stretched for tack strip installation 
• Bonds porous, non-porous and difficult substrates 
• Non-toxic and extremely low VOC content 
• 18 sticks per Pack. 1/2" diameter x 10" long (Approximately 90 linear feet at 3mm bead) white color 





(No reviews yet) Write a Review