Plaza Plus Hard Surface Sealer - Gallon

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Product Overview

Plaza Plus Hard Surface Sealer/Finish

Long-lasting, high gloss sealer/finish for sealing and finishing new or worn granite, marble, terrazzo and other stone floors. Easy to maintain using conventional and UHS programs. Applies, maintains and removes like any conventional finish. Excellent leveling, brilliant gloss. Can withstand high traffic loads.
 Compliant with California 2010 VOC Requirements.• Meets ASTM D2047 Requirements for Slip Resistance.  For Use On: Concrete, Marble, Stone, Terrazzo, Slate, Quarry Tile, Brick, Unglazed Ceramic, Mexican Tile
• For best results do not dilute and do not use on surfaces colder than 50° F (10° C).
• To avoid contamination, do not return unused product to original container.
• Floors will be slippery when wet or contaminated with foreign materials. Promptly clean-up spills and foreign materials.
• As with all products, test in a small inconspicuous are prior to full use.
• Read product label instructions prior to use.
•First coat: 1500 sq ft per gallon
•Successive coats: 2000 - 2500 sq ft per gallon


(No reviews yet) Write a Review