Aldon - Crystal Glaze (1 Gallon)

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Product Overview

Aldon - Crystal Glaze (1 Gallon)

This product is a water base, coating sealer that does not create any color change, but does create a high gloss.

Product Characteristics:

  • A water base acrylic with no fumes or slight temporary odor.  However, all common sense precautions should be taken as with any chemicals in an inside environment.
  • A coating type "film former".
  • Used indoors and outdoors in all climates.
  • For all concrete slabs, grout, tile, brick, pavers stone work.
  • No or little effect on color - dries clear.
  • Does create medium to high gloss
  • You can protect a glossy finish sealer from traffic wear patterns by using Aldon Lifeguard.

Like all water based coatings, standing water can weaken the film. This means it can soften with long term (hours) of standing water. When softened, it can scratch off.

Application instructions on the label  do not include application on walls because this product is rarely used on walls. If it is your choice to apply this product to a wall, you will need to experiment with brushing, rolling, or spraying to see what method works best on your surface type.


This product is more moisture tolerant than the solvent based sealers. It can be used with only three days drying time on tile and grout.

Very Porous, absorbent Material....350 sq. ft./gal
Dense Materials ..........................600 sq. ft./gal


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review