Ring Shank Wood Nails 13 Gauge

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Product Overview

Ring Shank Wood Nails 13 Gauge (Comes in 1-1/2" & 1-1/4")

Ring shank wood flooring nails provide better holding power in all wood products than smooth shank nails of the same length. The 3/4 inch nail is the standard wood flooring nail used in pre-nailed wood carpet strip. It has the same holding power as a 1-1/4 inch blue lath nail. The 1 inch ring shank nail is used to install carpet strip in heavy duty installations.

Longer wood flooring nails have countersunk heads for easier finishing; they are used to install new underlayment and to reinforce existing subfloors made of plywood or other wood products. The 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch wood flooring nails are also available with corrosion resistant plating for use on wood underlayment that will be covered with a water based patch or adhesive.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review