Aldon - Tile Cover (1 Gallon)

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Product Overview

Aldon - Tile Cover (1 Gallon)

Aldon Tile Cover Makes it easier to clean Stone Look and textured tile.

For "Stone Look" - "Slate Look" Textures Of Glazed, Porcelain, & Mosaic Type Tile
Improves ease of cleaning by reducing drag on the mop and the accumulation of dirt and dust

This product creates a very thin film that is virtually invisible.  This film will improve the cleaning ability of textured, non-absorbent finishes of fired glaze, porcelain, and mosaic tile.

Note: If your project will go beyond normal wet mopping to times of standing water, this film is so thin that it might prematurely soften and lift from the surface. In that case, switch to Lifeguard. The thicker film of "Lifeguard" will create some gloss, but is thicker and therefore, more forgiving of standing water issues.

This product is not a sealer. It is a top coating for already sealed, or otherwise non-absorbent surfaces. Therefore, grout must be sealed and non-absorbent before using "Tile Cover".


  • Improve the ease of cleaning of "Stone Look" textured glazed tile.
  • Improve the ease of cleaning of matte finish glazed tile that normally tends to show animal prints and trap oils.
  • Improve the ease of cleaning porcelain tile.
  • Invisible on most surfaces so there is no noticeable change to appearance.
  • Can add coats to build some gloss if desired
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning than vacuuming carpet.
  • Can be used outdoors, not just indoors.
  • Is so foolproof in its application it can be used by someone who does not, or can not, read the label instructions.
  • Like all water based coatings, standing water can weaken the film. This means it can soften with long term of standing water. When softened, it can scratch off.
  • Not need periodic stripping due to buildup
  • Be non-yellowing Repel heel marks and scuffing.
  • Be extremely inexpensive because it lasts so long and covers a lot of square footage.
  • Acrylic in a water base.
  • Forms a tough film.
  • Adheres to almost any surface, however, it must be a clean surface. A dirty or dusty surface is not good, because Tile Cover will adhere to the dust and the dust is not adhered to the floor.
  • Not a sealer. Tile Cover is a coating over all non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Used indoors and outdoors - does not yellow or break down
  • Milky on application, dries clear. Dries in 30 minutes
  • We do not make a stripper for Tile Cover because it does not build up or discolor.
  • Increases floor stain resistance to the maximum possible.
  • "Breathes" out subsurface water vapor.
  • Not harmed by typical supermarket floor cleaners, but overly aggressive cleaners can make reapplication more frequent than necessary.
  • Aldon Maintain   will maximize the life of Tile Cover.
  • Ammoniated cleaners will decrease life of Tile Cover and are more aggressive than necessary.
  • Power scrubbers are not needed, and if fact can reduce the longevity of the coating due to unnecessary abrasion.
  • If, for some reason, you want to apply sealer after you have applied Tile Cover- the Tile Cover must be removed first. You do not want the Tile Cover coating between two layers of sealer as that will cause bonding problems.


Developed specially for the unique characteristics of the increasingly popular "Stone Look" glazed, porcelain, and mosaic type tiles. The textured surface of this finish tends to trap dirt and spills. Tile Cover does not change the floor appearance, but creates enough of a thin, tough film to resist dirt entrapment and greatly improve cleaning. See Aldon Maintain for routine wet mop maintenance.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review